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Every day we all have realms of thought and realms of feelings, which in turn create realms of possibility.

We are thinking and feeling beings. When we integrate our feelings with our thinking, we are able to access our intuitive wisdom and create new insights with purposeful connection towards our future outcomes.

People in my profession may call themselves a Consultant, Coach or Facilitator of change, I am all of these and more. Labels can be restrictive and misleading. I have yet to identify one that does justice to the impact my work generates in others.

What is distinctive about my approach is my belief that people are inherently good and capable of achieving great things; all too often however their voice and their contribution doesn’t get the credence it deserves. Throughout my career I have sought to support others to be heard and for them to actually hear the real them; the person that they wish others to see and value.

I recently completed two courses with Tricia and would have no hesitation in recommending Tricia. I learnt much more than I had hoped and will continue to use the skills I developed on an ongoing basis . Tricia created a fantastic learning environment and put me at ease within minutes of meeting her. Thank you Tricia for your authenticity and generosity – I have learnt the power of silence and appreciation , thinking for myself and not always looking for external validation and most importantly I have truly been inspired!

Liz Cook
Associate Trainer

A thinking environment goes beyond such limitations. It encapsulates the focus of the individual or team and where their thoughts and feelings want to go.

I have long set out to encourage people to showcase their real selves and have developed coaching strategies that embrace a combination of emotional intelligence coupled with the ability to tap into their own wisdom. I remain passionate about these aspirations to this day and they are integral to everything I do.

Historically, my repertoire of tools included deploying MBTI, SDI and Emotional Intelligence leadership reports. These are valuable for providing insights and increasing self- awareness as well as having the potential to create change. Yet, they can be limited by the instrument itself due to its specific area of focus.

A thinking environment goes beyond such limitations. It encapsulates the focus of the individual or team and where their thoughts and feelings want to go. This can include, if they so wish, using all of this vital information to support it, in the direction they choose.

To achieve this, I look to provide an environment that supports independent thinking. In the process, you create your own inroads and options. In your own way, not mine. The beauty of this approach is that it works on both an individual and a group level.

In a group setting, inclusivity becomes the new reality. Each member is supported to create new realms of possibility by engaging in a thinking environment. You may notice that such an environment also enables the validation of feelings; when integrated with thinking it also improves emotional intelligence.

I have witnessed profound change in both myself and others which, in turn, has fuelled my desire to encourage others to create for themselves new realms of thinking and feeling, thereby discovering new possibilities.

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