Build the space to think for yourself

Creating a Thinking Environment


I support people from all walks of life who wish to be seen and heard. All of them are remarkable in their own way and share a common theme, they have something that is blocking them from achieving their outcomes.

Developing new knowledge and skills is the easy part. It is that tiny voice or sense within however that can stop you in your tracks. You may wonder, what is so powerful that it has the ability to do this? The answer is untrue limiting assumptions. However, they are so integrated within that you accept them without challenge. Some of them are actually not your own assumptions. Often, they are so called ‘gifts’ that others give to you, gift-wrapped as constructive criticism. This so-called gift has the remarkable power of actually limiting you rather than propelling you forward.

Strategic Business Thinkscapes

Strategic Business Thinkscapes provide the ideal opportunity for Strategic Reflective Planning away from the confines of the office.

Together we will create a programme that gathers momentum around a collaborative strategic agenda.

How often as a team do we give ourselves the space in which to liberate our thinking and in the process to develop significant breakthroughs?

Finding a place that says you and your team’s thinking matter is pivotal to generating thinking of the highest calibre. That’s why securing the right place at the right time is something we will explore.

I promise to support you in the creation of a Thinking Environment that will enable you and your team to:

  • Focus on the real issues that require rigorous attention
  • Ignite the wisdom of all of your people
  • Gain commitment to ideas generated
  • Create a focus for the future

So if any of the above intrigues or leaves you with further questions, why not get in touch? 

Coaching in a Thinking Realm


Once someone has experienced coaching in a thinking realm they will continue to do so, as they know they will get the space and generative attention in which to think for themselves. It is this rare gift they crave as they marvel at how much it enables them to achieve in such a short space of time. Time in which to think, to create, to transform, to find solutions to problems that may have eluded them for quite some time.

By choosing to invest in coaching you will experience significant breakthroughs, gain new insights, and create optimum solutions, which work because they are integral to you and you alone.

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Coaching Enquiry

I just wanted to let you know how valuable I have found the coaching sessions, I think they might actually be life changing.  Firstly the ideas for preparation really help me to get some structure into what I want to achieve so I am ready for the session.  I find the coaching helps me to prioritise and strategise, and helps me to order my thoughts.  It has changed the way I think and the way I approach issues helping me to make a much more ordered approach and to also consider options and alternatives, to work out the best way forward for the things I am trying to work on.  Being able to think out loud and also make notes means that my thoughts and decisions are imprinted on my mind and that I actually don’t need to reference my notes. 

I have realised that since I started with the coaching, I much more systematically think through the options balancing what is to be gained with what is risked, so that I not only have a clear direction but that I am confident that it is the best solution for me, and others that it impacts.  The coaching has changed the way I think and I realise that as a result I prioritise thinking over action and therefore my actions are smarter and better.  I really believe that the coaching has made me a better manager and a better friend.  I am not, honestly, sure how you manage to do any of this but I am very grateful that you do.  I think that you have a gift for coaching and you have taught me some life skills that are so embedded that I will not lose them.

Margaret Bates
Executive Director

Together we will create the right conditions to capture the intelligence and input of your people, the aim of which is to co-create meaningful and purposeful actions that will transform your teams.

Client centred sessions


Co-created facilitated sessions, designed with you at the forefront. Together we will create the right conditions to capture the intelligence and input of your people, the aim of which is to co-create meaningful and purposeful actions that will transform your teams.

Facilitated sessions could include Business Vision & Strategy Planning, Creating Engagement Forums, Talent Development along with any relevant development priorities where your focus is on providing crucial space for your people to contribute their thinking and generate viable commitments and actions.

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A Thinking Environment, by its very nature, is designed and facilitated to hear everyone’s thinking, so inclusivity and engagement is at the forefront of all my programmes.

Why wouldn’t you want the contribution of everyone in the room, when it guarantees that people are heard and are more likely to commit to the outcomes that you accomplish together?

If you see part of my offering that would support an initiative that you want to introduce, or want to co-create a programme that is inclusive and invites all of your people’s thinking and contribution, please use the form to get in touch.

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